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About DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways is a supplier of transport and logistics. Since its foundation in 1866, they have built a unique infrastructure of ferry routes connecting European countries with each other as well as with Turkey. They mostly transport freight units on the routes in addition to around 5 million passengers in normal years. They also offer logistics services rooted in the regions served by their ferry routes. They range from door-door transports of full-loads to complex solutions for major industrials. 

The company has over 11,000 employees and operates in over 20 countries including from the port in Immingham where 500 local people work on the site.

Andrew Byrne, Managing Director of DFDS Seaways, said: “Having been born and raised in Cleethorpes, this charity and the wonderful work that it will deliver is very close to my heart. We have over 500 local people working at our site at the Port of Immingham, and I have absolutely no doubt that the Horizon Youth Zone will provide many great facilities for their families and many other families connected with the port and the shipping industry.

“As a company that is long-standing in this community, we are committed to promoting excellent initiatives such as this. We are delighted to be helping to build the Youth Zone from the foundations up, creating a lasting legacy for generations to come to reach their full potential in our proud area.”

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