YPDG Blog: March

Hi, welcome to our blog. We are the Young people’s Development Group (YPDG). We are young people who have come together to help create Horizon Youth Zone in Grimsby. This blog is to keep a log of our progress and achievements as we continue to work towards the opening of Horizon Youth Zone and the many opportunities that it will bring.

Throughout March, our main focus was fundraising as well as some other exciting tasks and future opportunities.

As a group we need to raise a large amount of money in order for us to be able to go on an expedition on a tall ship and also for 5 members of the group to go to Scotland with the British Exploration Society. The first task we were given was to try and find which fundraising site would be best. One of the ideas that we had was to add a donate button onto the horizon website so it could be easily accessed. Next, we looked back on the ideas that we had thought of in the previous week of what we would do to raise money. As a group, we evaluated the ideas and came up with the two that we think we can achieve. One of them was a sponsored walk through each ward in North East Lincolnshire and the other was a quiz night hosted by us, the young people’s development group.

After taking a week off from planning for the fundraiser, we were back to focusing on the quiz which will be our first event. There was a lot to discuss about the quiz, especially due to the fact that it will be online. We needed to discuss how we would present the quiz – whether it would be over Kahoot or a PowerPoint, what rounds and who would do which rounds, prizes, price, how to make people aware of the quiz, as well as having to consider how to prevent cheating. So as you can see, there was a lot that had to be thought about and sorted out. To speed up the process of making the quiz, over the next week we all came up with questions for the round we had been assigned. We also decided on a date for the quiz which we are looking to do on the evening of Saturday the 8th of May.

We came up with a creative solution to stop cheating, as well as making a list of possible rounds, discussing how the answers would be marked and also thinking of how we would get the word out. We decided that a flier would be the best way to show the key information about the quiz and hopefully the most engaging way to get more people to join.

For the last session in March, we were told some very exciting news that we are going to be working with a youth group in Boston in America. We are all really excited to work with them and share our process of building Horizon Youth Zone and to have them share with us their work forming 3rd EyE Youth Empowerment. A zoom call has already been arranged in April with them and so in this session we created a PowerPoint presentation and thought of some questions to ask them.

As well as our weekly sessions this month, a few of us were given the amazing opportunity to take part in the Youth Mental Health First Aider two-day course. In this course we gained a lot of valuable skills which will better equip us in the future, to help young people.

We hope you enjoyed reading our progress for March and we hope to see you in a month to hear about our zoom call with the 3rd EyE youth empowerment group, our progress with fundraising, as well as lots more!