YPDG Blog: January

Hi, welcome to our blog. We are the Young people’s Development Group (YPDG). We are young people who have come together to help create Horizon Youth Zone in Grimsby. This blog is to keep a log of our progress and achievements as we continue to work towards the opening of Horizon Youth Zone and the many opportunities that it will bring.

This is the first of our monthly updates and today we would like to let everyone know what we have been up to in January. We have all been working very hard and continuing our weekly meetings which have become -to a lot of us- the highlight of our week!

After having 1 week off for Christmas we were straight back to business to do whatever we can to help with the progress of Horizon Youth Zone. But before that, we had to have a catch up with each other about our new year’s resolutions, our Christmas arrangements and the favourite topic of what we have been watching recently. After we had finished our catch up, we discussed future events that will be taking place and also future residential trips that we are all looking forward to once lockdown is over.

Throughout the month we have been involved in lots of discussions and meetings including planning future residential trips, discussing racism and meeting the OnSide Young Ambassador’s Group virtually.

It was very interesting for us all to get advice from the OnSide network Young Ambassadors about their experiences as being members of the Young People’s Development Group for their Youth Zone and in general to hear more about what they do as the Young Ambassador’s group. A few of the Grimsby YPDG members have even been inspired to get more involved with OnSide and to join the OnSide network Young Ambassador’s Group.

Towards the end of the month we took a look at our diary sheet of all upcoming events which shows just how busy the next few months are going to be for us all, but it is also very exciting for us to see how much we are going to be involved. 

At our last session in January, we discussed Horizon Youth Zone’s social media and how we can spread the word about Horizon quickly through the use of social media. One of the ideas was to create a blog to keep everyone informed and so that is why you are reading this now. The two main questions that we worked on were “How can we engage other young people in social media?” and “what key messages do we want to promote?”. We all worked very hard, brainstorming ideas and hopefully in the future, the ideas that we have come up with, will be used so please do follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

We hope you will enjoy seeing our progress and our hard work each month. See you in a month