Historic England supports heritage led transformation of Grimsby with grant to Horizon, Grimsby Youth Zone.

We are delighted to announce a £100,000 repair grant from Historic England for the final pre-construction phase of Horizon Youth Zone, enabling thousands of young people to tell a new story of Grimsby.

Set to be built in Grimsby Town Centre in the former West Haven Maltings and Migar House buildings, Horizon Youth Zone will provide thousands of young people from the local area with somewhere to develop their skills, discover their talents and realise their full potential.

Working with our partners we are positioning the site, and its unique waterway access, as a catalyst for the urgent ambitions of both the Greater Grimsby Town Deal and Greater Grimsby Heritage Action Zone. Most excitingly of all, this sensitive repair and development will put thousands of young people at the heart of a heritage led ‘levelling up’ of Grimsby that inspires them to carry forward the story of their town.

The Youth Zone’s Young People’s Development Group meet weekly and play a key role in the development of the Youth Zone, including branding, staff recruitment, interior design and much more. Development group member Erin, age 16, said:

“Over the last 18 months we have been working really hard to develop Grimsby Youth Zone. Together we can make a difference to thousands of young people. We named the Youth Zone Horizon because we believe we are not at ‘the end of the line’ but at the beginning of a new journey.”

OnSide is a growing national youth charity with a big ambition – to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to discover their passion and their purpose. We build and support a thriving Network of  state-of-the-art, large and exciting youth centres called Youth Zones in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities. Youth Zones are developed with young people, for young people, giving them access to a wide range of learning opportunities and activities, incredible facilities and trusted youth workers dedicated to giving them the skills, confidence and ambition to explore their potential.

Today 50,000 young people are members of our 14 Youth Zones nationwide, benefitting from life changing support. In Grimsby, Historic England is helping to make this a reality as part of a heritage led transformation of the town. Imagine what we could achieve with Youth Zones in every community.