YPDG Blog: December

Hi, welcome to our blog. We are the Young people’s Development Group (YPDG). We are young people who have come together to help create Horizon Youth Zone in Grimsby. This blog is to keep a log of our progress and achievements as we continue to work towards the opening of Horizon Youth Zone and the many opportunities that it will bring.

Welcome back! December was a relatively quiet month for us as a group compared to the previous months.

Izzy and Kieran did another presentation, this time to the Cleethorpes Rotary Club which was very successful. In our first session of the month, we were quite low on numbers due to the cold that was going around but we still had a nice meeting. We started off by catching up with each other before moving into the actual meeting. We were looking at the Horizon PowerPoint presentation and started to add notes to it so that anyone who comes to do a presentation will have pointers of what to say on each slide.

For our second session of December, we decided to have our meeting over Zoom due to the rising COVID cases and with it being close to Christmas. It was very strange being back on Zoom and we went back to the classic sayings of “you’re on mute.” We had received some encouraging news earlier in the week so we discussed this and then planned for a video to do with the news that we had received. Towards the end of the session, we did a fun Christmas Kahoot!

We had planned to go bowling for our Christmas party but unfortunately due to COVID we decided not to go. Then we were supposed to go to the Grimsby Town match vs Boreham Wood but unfortunately the game was postponed. We hope to go to some Town matches in the new year and to go bowling next Christmas.

To finish the month, we filmed some clips outside of the Horizon Youth Zone site. These clips will be edited into a video which will be released in the new year. The filming was successful however I don’t think any of us realised just how cold it was going to be. We can’t wait to share this exciting news with you as we become one step closer to the opening of Horizon Youth Zone!

This year has been very busy for us as a group, but we have made lots of progress towards the opening of Horizon Youth Zone. I am really looking forward to the future with the group and I’m sure next year will be even busier than this year. We hope to see you in the new year to read about what we are doing.