“Anything is possible!” Young people from Grimsby broaden their Horizons at Oxford University

Horizon Youth Zone Grimsby Blog

Members of the young people’s development group helping to develop the new Horizon Youth Zone in Grimsby had the opportunity to widen their aspirations through a visit Oxford University’s Brasenose College.

The Young People’s Development Group (YPDG) are a group of local young people who play a key role in the development of the Youth Zone. From branding to staff interviews, they help bring the Youth Zone to life.

The trip was organised by OnSide, the national charity that develops Youth Zones to broaden aspirations by giving the young people a unique insight into student life at the college and the wide range of opportunities available to young people who choose to study at the college.

After a long 3 hour journey from Grimsby, the development group arrived at Brasenose College, located in the centre of Oxford University.

The group enjoyed an interesting presentation about Oxbridge before meeting John Bowers, the Principal of Brasenose College who himself grew up in Grimsby.

The group then met two students from Brasenose College who spoke to them about their experiences at the college, answered questions from the group and shared their experiences of the interview process, accommodation, facilities and the Brasenose community.

One of the group members Erin, age 16, said, “John spoke to us about growing up in Grimsby and told us that anything is possible. We were then taken on a tour of Brasenose College by one of the students where we saw the library, student accommodation, the kitchen, the bar, social areas and lots more. The tour of Brasenose College was amazing, and we learnt a lot more about general student life.”

Another group member Ed, age 17 said, “I have thought about applying to Oxford University before and now there is no doubt in my mind”.

Horizon Youth Zone Grimsby Blog

Following the visit the Brasenose College, the young people’s development group met student Abu who was involved in developing Youth Zones in London as a young person and is now a trustee of OnSide, the national youth charity.

Abu, who has just finished his first year at Worcester College, showed the group around the college and shared tips about balancing school and social life whilst completing A-levels.

Erin said “Worcester College was very different to Brasenose College with a lot more open spaces. It even had a lake, sports field and a pavilion. It was a beautiful college and we were all glad that we got to see it.“

Harriet, age 16, said “It was an amazing opportunity, I learnt so much and loved every minute of it”

The Horizon Youth Zone YPDG meet regularly to forge ideas for the development of Grimsby’s OnSide Youth Zone. Click here if you would like to find out more about joining the group or know a young person who would like to attend.